Italo-African vibes

AUGUST 10th 2019

Amaya, from the Basque Country, and Francesco, from Italy, met a few years ago in Italy, where they began to live together. A few years later, they went together to live in the Congo (Africa) where they currently reside.

They decided to get married in the Basque Country for its gastronomy and beauty, but above all, because for them it was the best place to gather their best friends and their closest family. The place they chose was a Txakolindegi, one of the most characteristic restaurants in the area, where the Txakolí, the vineyards, the good gastronomy and the surroundings make anyone fall in love with the place.

They wanted an intimate and special wedding, one that represented the adventures they had lived together. Therefore, we made everything full of details with African airs and a Basque-Italian character. A mixture of cultures, traditions and styles that filled that day with surprises and very special moments.

Fresh and dried flowers, clay, African fabrics, rugs, wood, wicker, plants, bamboo, macrame, champagne, kisses and lots of fun!


Photographer: Vasver
Organization + Decoration + Coordination: Casamentera’s Event Design