Country wild love

JULY 13th 2020

“Live by the sun, love by the moon”

The sun, full of life, is a source of warmth, light and power.
The moon is able of move tides tides and to enlighten the darkest nights.
Together they can move the world .

In the green mountains of northern Navarra, among trees, ferns and wooden logs, we celebrated the intimate wedding of Kattalin and Aitor. A very special elopement with a country-bohemian style and a strong and daring personality.

It all started one sunny summer morning at the wooden ranch where the couple lives, surrounded by nature and animals.

They wanted an intimate and alternative wedding, without rules or traditions. They got carried away on a day full of surprises and special moments. Barefoot, in contact with the ground, hugging, galloping through the forests, running between streams, eating under the shade of the trees, dancing under the moonlight …

This couple and their freedom, their love and their passion, the ingredients that made that day so magical.


Photographer: Neune Naiz
Florist: Loreak Lore
Caligrapher: AG Caligrafia
Dress: Alicia Rueda
Muah: Amaia Ruiz
Jewlery: Haiz
Production + Design + Styling: Casamentera’s Events Design